stardock installer
Windows® installer

Windows® installer 3.1

Developer Microsoft

The Windows Installer aims to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Windows Installer Clean Up

Windows Installer Clean Up 3.0

Developer Microsoft

Windows Installer CleanUp removes Windows Installer settings from your PC.

Advanced Installer

Advanced Installer 10.2

Developer Caphyon Ltd.

It is a powerful and easy to use Windows Installer authoring tool.

PocketPC Installer

PocketPC Installer 1.0

Developer Pocket PC Toolkit Ltd

The easiest way to create installer files for your Windows Mobile devices.


Stardock Installer

Java Access Bridge

Java Access Bridge 1.0

Developer Sun Microsystems, Inc.

It helps the Windows based Assistive Technology to interact with the Java AAPI.

Ghost Installer Free

Ghost Installer Free 4.8

Developer Ethalone Solutions, Inc

An installer able to manage files, registry entries, shortcuts, components, etc.

SkinCrafter Installer

SkinCrafter Installer 3.0

Developer DMSoft Technologies

SkinCrafter Installer is a developer tool for skinning of install packages.

Escape From Monkey Island

Escape From Monkey Island 1.5

Developer Quick and Easy Software

A replacement installer (setup program) for Escape From Monkey Island.

Windows Installer SDK

Windows Installer SDK 4.5

Developer Microsoft

Windows Installer SDK is a tool that you can use to speed up your work.

Setup2Go for Windows Installer

Setup2Go for Windows Installer 1.3

Developer SDS Software

Setup2Go for Windows Installer is a powerful, easy to use, highly interactive tool for creating reli...

MSN Content Installer

MSN Content Installer 1.0

Developer MSN Content Plus Inc.

MSN Content installer automatically install MSN packs such as winks, Emoticons, Dynamic Display pict...

CASL Components

CASL Components 1.0

Developer WAGWARE Systems, Inc. & Brainyware, LLC

The CASL Components installer was created to simplify the installation.

Pandora Icon Installer™

Pandora Icon Installer™ 1.0

Developer Iconomize

Pandora Icon Installer™ is an utility that makes you a shortcut for Pandora.

Vygis Alcatel Dat Installer

Vygis Alcatel Dat Installer 1.0

Developer Vygis Alcatel

It is a software tool dedicated for an entire suite of Alcatel phone models.


Stardock Installer

Myspace Icon Installer™

Myspace Icon Installer™ 1.0

Developer Iconomize

Myspace Icon Installer, a desktop shortcut installer.

Wikipedia Icon Installer

Wikipedia Icon Installer 1.0


Wikipedia Icon Installer puts a Wikipedia Icon on your desktop.

Twitter Icon Installer

Twitter Icon Installer 1.0

Developer Iconomize

Twitter Icon Installer when clicked it takes you to twitter website.

Metrolyrics Icon Installer

Metrolyrics Icon Installer 1.0


Metrolyrics Icon Installer simple icon that redirects you to your site.

EHow Icon Installer

EHow Icon Installer 1.0


This application puts the Ehow Icon Installer on your desktop.

163 Icon Installer

163 Icon Installer 1.0


163 Icon Installer makes it easier for you to acces 163 website.

Open MSM Crystal Installer - Crystal Installer

Open MSM Crystal Installer - Crystal Installer 7.1

Developer Stroma Service Consulting Inc.

OpenMSM CReport Installer - Crystal Installer

OpenMSM CReport Installer - Crystal Installer 7.1

Developer Stroma Service Consulting Inc.

Installer (C:Program Files   (x86) Installer)

Installer (C:Program Files (x86) Installer) 2.8

Developer MindVision

Windows Installer Extension for Ghost Installer Free Edition

Windows Installer Extension for Ghost Installer Free Edition 1.0

Developer gInstall Corp.

Installer (C:Program Files  (x86) Installer) #3

Installer (C:Program Files (x86) Installer) #3 4.1

Developer Oracle Corporation

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